Last week we had a wonderful couple of days in Valencia, where all project partners met in person for the first time, with some online attendees. Everyone had an enriching experience. We got to see each other’s faces, and many fruitful in-depth conversations took place.

The bottom-line? Our first year of joined efforts and scientific progress was a huge success. Now, after the meeting’s knowledge exchange allowed us to optimise and align everyone’s efforts, all partners will keep moving forward, in tune, to achieve the project’s goals.

In these times of political turmoil, Micro4Biogas aims to be at the forefront of Europe’s energy transition. The European Commission has ambitious goals regarding biogas production capacity. Guess what? So do we!

We look forward to exploring synergies with other EU funded projects, in the quest for affordable, secure, and sustainable energy sources.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting.

Until we meet again, stay tuned and follow our progress!

Published On: June 1, 2022

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